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Alliant is a network that is greater than just one business or one individual.  The Alliant Network represents hope for Small-Business America, by representing businesses of all sizes, from a single contractor/self-employed individual, to small- medium sized business, to the people that care about small business and supporting their local communities.  As small businesses, we need to come together to think and work as one, if we hope to improve or fix any of the problems that face small businesses today.  With your help we can make a difference.


Are you tired of the changes that happen in your community, county, and State, and do you feel powerless and left behind?

Collaboration is key for small businesses that want to do more, but don’t have the time.


Beyond Collaboration and Advocacy, any Association, needs to have benefits that actually help you and your business.  Learn more about the benefits we offer, and the some of the benefits that are on the horizon. 

& Advertising

You already advertise, it should be a part of your marketing, if not, then it’s time to start.  But whether you already do or not, find out more about some of the advertising that we can help you with.  Discover more ways to market your services and reach your customers.

Coaching /

Not sure what to do next?  Have questions about social media, benefits for your employees, how to properly use video in your marketing efforts or do you want to know more about Mobile Marketing?  Get top notch consulting, on exactly what you need.  Want to understand QR codes or learn how to generate more leads?  Find a Marketing or Sales Coach to help you with your next strategic or tactically related plan.

Business Membership Options

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